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Your Annual Employee Wellness Program

Each year the Employee Wellness Program offers educational programs and various challenges that highlight elements related to the philosophy of CREATION Health. In 2019 the educational programs that will be offered to ALL employees include: CREATION Health Employee Experience (CHEE), The Stress Recovery Effect, and multiple Learn and Earns. As an added reward, FT or PT employees that carry our hospital insurance can earn points toward the annual wellness incentive on our WebMD platform, where you can earn up to $528 for completing a two-part incentive program. Hospital insured spouses can also participate in the wellness incentive and earn up to $408 for completing the two-part incentive program.

The two-part incentive program includes…

Part 1: Biometric Screening & Health Assessment

50 Points to earn $264/employee & $204/spouse

Note: You must complete Part 1 to earn a partial payment if the entire program is not completed.

Entails completing a biometric screening (15 points) and having four values in range (20 points) — as well as completing your health assessment on WebMD (15 points).

A biometric screening is a quick and easy health exam that provides information about your risk for certain diseases and medical conditions. Knowing your numbers- the results of your biometric screening- is the first step to your pathway to health as it helps you understand where you are, so you can take action to improve. The screening includes body measurements and a simple finger stick to obtain a blood sample. You can choose to fast or not fast before your screening. Fasting is not required; however, a fasted screening will provide more comprehensive results. During your screening, the following measurements are collected:

  • Blood glucose level
  • Cholesterol (total cholesterol, HDL, and LDL)
  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight to determine Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Outside of the Recommended Biometric Range Values?

    Complete a WebMD telephone coaching call or chat messaging for each missed biometric value. WebMD coaches will provide helpful advice and support as you work toward improving your health.

  • Scheduling Your Screening

    Free screenings are offered at campus locations January – April on select dates. Schedule yours now:

    Step 1. Log in to your WebMD account and select, “STEP ONE: Get Your Biometric Screening!” You will be redirected to the Quest website to verify your information is correct.

    Step 2. After verifying your information, select the best way to complete your screening from the following options: 

    • At an event – Complete your biometric screening at any of our campuses in the North Region. This option is offered January – April on select dates/locations.
    • At a patient service center – Schedule an appointment to have your screening completed at a Quest Diagnostics lab near you.
    • Physician results form – Download, print, and bring the biometric screening form to your physician to complete and fax to the number indicated on the form. A copay may be required for this office visit. This option is not recommended after October 15th.