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Woman receives food from local food bank

It’s time to roll up those sleeves and impact the communities around us!

The following volunteer opportunities qualify for 5 WebMD points per volunteer event (up to twice per year) for eligible employees and spouses participating in the 2019 AdventHealth Employee Wellness Program.

Points will be reflected on your WebMD Supplemental Reward page under “Caring for Your Spirit” – “Volunteering In My Community Time 3 or 4.” These are volunteering events that you cannot self-report. When attending a volunteer opportunity that is hosted by AdventHealth Employee Wellness, please sign in to the volunteer event with a member of our AdventHealth Employee Wellness team.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Harvest Time International – Summer 2019

Harvest Time International is a nonprofit humanitarian organization with a mission to bring help and hope to those who need it most. For more than 25 years, they have distributed supplies in times of disaster and supported communities by providing food, clothing, and household essentials to children and families needing a hand up. As a Harvest Time International partner, we can help organize and sort products for the headquarters or distribution sites throughout Florida.

Happy couple volunteer