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man calculating financial bills at home


Enrich is a new benefit from AdventHealth Employee Wellness. The financial program is your one-stop destination for all personal finance questions—from budgeting to banking, insurance, investing, debt management and more.

Registration: To sign up, click here.

WebMD Points: 20 points for completing the program requirements by October 30, 2020.

Complete Enrich activities to help improve your financial well-being, including completing the onboarding assessment (5 points), complete the Your Money Personality assessment (5 points), retake the onboarding assessment (5 points), and complete a course (5 points).

Senior couple on laptop

Program Details

Personalized Content

Answer a few quick questions and build a personalized action plan to enhance your money management, career and student loan skills.

Calculators and Worksheets

Manage your budget, mortgage and student loans in an easy and approachable way. The heavy lifting is already done for you!

Student Loan Repayment

Ease your student loan worries by analyzing your repayment options and learning how to create a repayment plan that’s right for you.


A wide-range of topics teach you the fundamentals of money management and build a foundation for your financial future.

An in-person class will be offered in addition to the virtual coursework listed above. The in-person classes will be hosted across our CFN Region campuses to discuss Enrich in more detail. The class will be in hour in length and counts for 5 points towards your WebMD Supplemental Section.