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CREATION Health Employee Experience

The CREATION Health Employee Experience, CHEE for short, is an interactive and fun way to learn about the principles of CREATION. Plus, you’ll learn how to be a whiz at making healthier lifestyle choices.

Although the principles of healthy living have been a part of the AdventHealth philosophy for more than 100 years, the CREATION Health Employee Experience came about more recently. The CREATION principles were designed to heal the mind, body and spirit and from drawing on these eight principles AdventHealth was able to create a hospital that would focus on both health and healing. It is safe to say that all of us want to live without sickness, to have healthy bodies and quick minds.

Our Desire to be Healthy is Good!

We want to be healed from everything unhealthy, and we would prefer not having to worry about cancer, accidents and aging. Our desire to be healthy is good!

Learn the basic principles of CREATION Health in this 8-hour course, including how your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions impact your energy levels.

WebMD Points: 20 points

CREATION Health Employee Experience will launch in early Fall 2019. Stay tuned – more information to come!

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