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As our facilities reopen, we are employing new safety measures to protect you and our caregivers including universal mask use, temperature testing, social distancing, employee COVID-19 testing, visitor restrictions and keeping our COVID-19 symptomatic patients separated from other patients. Nothing is more important to us than you.
Portrait of cheerful couple running outdoors

About Us

CREATION Life is a faith-based, whole person philosophy that helps us fulfill God’s original plan for our lives, which is pretty simple – to live and be happy.

It is a philosophy and lifestyle our employees embody to support our greater mission, vision, values, and service standards. It’s at the heart of our mission; it’s how we view ourselves and others as a whole person — mind, body, and spirit.



By embracing and practicing the eight principles of CREATION Life, we can affect the way we deliver care to our patients; interact with our colleagues; and connect with our families and friends. It brings positivity to our lives…a fresh perspective.

So how do you incorporate these principles?

With the help of your CREATION Life Employee Wellness Team of course! We are driven to help you improve your overall health and bring a little excitement into your lives.